Do you ever see those ads promising to save you $700 on your insurance if you switch? People often try it and are confused why there are discrepancies in the amount of savings between them and a friend/family after switching. These ads are often false and come with exclusions.

Everyone’s situations are different, which means everyone’s policy is different. From how much you pay to the types of coverages involved, it’s unlikely two policies are 100 percent alike.

Our owner, Pat Brennen, explains why these ads contain false promises and what factors are at play.

Does Insurance Cost More With An Agent – Entrust Insurance Agency – St Clair Shores, MI

Video Transcription

“Everybody’s policy is different, the vehicle, you as the driver. All these factors calculate into the cost. So before you try and compare how much savings, you’d want to understand what their costs are versus your costs, and I wouldn’t recommend you’d still compare that because there’s dozens of factors that are different between you and that other person. The overall cost of their policy will determine the amount of savings so again, if somebody pays $4,000, they have more of an opportunity to save a more significant amount of money versus somebody that only pays $1,000 for their policy. They can only save so much because the costs will only go down so low. So that you know is going to vary the guy that saved $500 is likely paying more money than you were.”

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