Liability Insurance

Should an accident happen, having the right amount of insurance is paramount not only legally, but personally and financially.

You work hard—at your job, in your community, and for your family. Don’t lose what you’ve put so much effort into earning! Additional liability coverage, which goes above and beyond the coverage provided by your existing auto or home policy, will provide the asset security you need and desire.

With liability insurance from Entrust Insurance, you can rest assured that if you are held responsible for an auto accident, medical expenses for injuries, bills for property damage, and more, you will be covered—this is especially important if there is a young driver in your household. If you are a business owner, liability will protect your business against accusations of wrongdoing, negligence, and error. Liability coverage will also protect against long-term wage garnishment, and is especially advantageous for those with a higher net worth or higher level of income. Don’t put your home, 401K, IRA, mutual fund, or checking and savings balance at risk; call Entrust Insurance today to start crafting your individual liability policy.


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Need More Insurance or Want to Bundle?

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Michigan Auto Insurance

For an auto insurance policy loaded with the necessities, such as general liability insurance and bodily injury coverage, and supercharged with extra protection, rely on Entrust Insurance!

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Michigan Home & Property Insurance

Just like homes, there is no “one size fits all” insurance plan. We evaluate all aspects of your property to build you a customized plan providing the right coverage for your home at the best value.

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Michigan Liability Insurance

You work hard at your job, in your community, and for your family. Should an accident happen, having the right amount of insurance is paramount not only legally, but personally and financially.

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Michigan Motorcycle, Snowmobile, & RV Insurance

These vehicles are supposed to be your escape, your weekend or after-work getaway! Enjoy them without the worry of sky-high costs. Count on us to create a personalized motorcycle, snowmobile, or recreational vehicle policy tailored to you.

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Michigan Boat & Watercraft Insurance

We will create a tailored insurance package for your peace of mind on the water. You can rest assured you’re heading out onto the lake with the best protection should the unexpected happen, and all without costly insurance premiums weighing you down! 

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Michigan Business/Commercial Insurance

Give yourself a clear vision for the future of your business by relying on us to ensure there are no blind spots in your coverage. Protect the employees and partners who rely on you by choosing a business insurance plan that will minimize, or even eliminate, your risks and losses.

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