When working with an insurance company or agent, it’s important to get a sense of their business model. Simply, an agency can run two ways, profit-focused or client-focused. Can you guess which one you should stay away from? That’s right, it’s the profit-focused companies. Luckily, at Entrust we are client-focused but what does this all mean and how can you tell?

Profit-Focused – To identify this type of agent, pay close attention to conversation. Are they quick to get you on an insurance plan? Do you feel like you are connecting in conversation? Do you feel like they are addressing all of your needs based on your situation? If the answer is no to these questions, you are likely working with someone whose priority is profit. They lack the care and attention you deserve.

Client-Focused – To identify this type of agent, see how communicative they are with you without having to constantly reach out to them. See how all your needs are addressed and all your questions answered. Ask yourself how comfortable you feel with the agent. If you feel like the priority then you should continue working with that person.

Our owner, Patrick Brennen, elaborates on all of this in the video below:

Profit Focused Agent VS Client Focused Agent – St. Clair Shores, MI

Video Transcription

“Early in our business, when I was creating our business model, one of the very first things that I wrote down was that our revenue and the money that we make is simply a byproduct of how well we take care of and service our clients. If you’re working with somebody that’s kind of fast-tracking through quoting you, they’re not asking you enough questions. And sometimes it can seem like they’re needling you with too many. But we have to ask a lot of questions. And we do that to understand what your needs are, what type of coverage is best for you, you know, the agent that just asked you very few questions, and here’s your price, is probably more focused on just writing you as a client, getting your business and earning some commission. The guy that’s going to spend, guy or gal that’s going to spend more time with you, and get to know who you are, what you need. That’s going to be the agent that’s more concerned with the policy itself, is it right for you? So if you’re shopping, and you’re probably gonna see these different personalities, you know, as you’re talking to different agents, I’d be a little more cautious of the guy that just blows right through the quote process and is able to get you, you know, a quote right on the phone and really not do any research or, I guess put additional thought into what they’re doing. They’re just very quick, cookie cutter. That’s probably the guy that really just wants a commission and needs to write the business, right? And we all do, right? We’re all doing this to make money. But it’s, you know, are we doing it the right way? Are we doing it with what’s, you know, your best interests at heart.”

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