You deserve a proper insurance experience. No matter what your situation, you have the right to an adequate transaction with the insurance company of your choice. Your agent should be communicative, caring, and honest. This can mean something as simple as remembering to contact you during renewal or simply calling you when changes are coming to your policy. Choose a company that is client focused, like Entrust, not profit-focused.

Our owner, Patrick Brennen, explains more on the matter of price vs cost. Check it out below.

What A Proper Insurance Experience Should Look Like – Entrust Insurance Agency – St Clair Shores, MI

Video Transcription

“So something that I feel we do really, really well is we stay in contact with our clients. And we ask a lot of questions. And we do it every renewal. So we have automated processes put in place. So that way, these contact points are being placed with the client via email or text messenger, or phone call. Renewal is every six months or year, and it’s a point where we can touch on anything new with the clients. Are you married? Have you had a kid? Additions to your house, upgrades, updates all these things? So if they haven’t reached out or the client isn’t thinking it’s an important thing to talk to your insurance agent about. We’re presenting the opportunity to open that up and discuss it.”

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