The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) is a non-governmental organization that was established in 1978 in accordance with Michigan state laws. Its main objective is to offer reimbursement to automobile insurance companies for specific medical expenses associated with severe injuries resulting from car accidents.

In Michigan, all drivers are obliged to carry no-fault auto insurance, which incorporates personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. This PIP coverage ensures that individuals receive benefits for medical costs, wage loss, and related expenses following an auto accident, irrespective of fault.

The MCCA intervenes when an individual sustains catastrophic injuries in a car accident. These injuries, which can be life-changing, include conditions like traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or severe burns, often incurring significant medical expenses and necessitating long-term care.

Our owner and founder, Pat Brennan, explains more. Check out the video below!

Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association Increase Of 2023 – Entrust Insurance, St. Clair Shores

Video Transcription

“So the money that was earmarked in the MCCA fund to come back to us via those $400 checks per vehicle and for motorcycles was a byproduct of them seeing a several billion dollar surplus in that fund. Now, a little over a year later, we are at, I believe, close to a $3 billion deficit in that fund. So we get paid all this money. Now it’s time to pay it back. So what’s happening is the MCCA fees are increasing for everybody. What was $86 a year per vehicle is now going to be $122 per vehicle per year. Now, what’s different though, is you only had to pay the MCC fee if you carry unlimited personal injury protection coverage. Now, and this again by the byproduct of that deficit, is that everybody from 500,000 down to opt out, is going to be obligated to pay $48 per year per vehicle. So that was a fee that was not included because you selected less than unlimited PIP coverage. Now you’re going to have to pony up $48 a year per car for that.”

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