Ever wondered if your insurance will cover an accident if someone else is driving your vehicle? Depending on the situation, insurance will have your back and permissive use will come into play.

We often get asked a lot about this. Most people think if someone else is driving then their vehicle is not covered. Luckily this isn’t the case. Our owner, Patrick Brennen, explains what you need to know

What is Permissive Use? – Entrust Insurance Agency – St Clair Shores, MI

Video Transcription

“Say a relative a friend comes into town and maybe they’re staying with you for a week for the holidays, if they drive your vehicle coverage would be extended via permissive use. So that is a situation where you give permission for another person who’s not listed on your policy as a driver to drive your vehicle. Now, if something should happen or a claim occurs, crash the vehicle or somebody crashes into them, coverage would be extended, in that situation on your policy. Although that person is not listed on your policy, they are covered via that permissive use.”

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