What is bobtail coverage for commercial trucking insurance? It is a liability-only policy covering you when and if you are driving a truck without a trailer. Commercial trucking insurance is needed regardless of when a truck is driven. If you allow someone else to drive your truck under your authority, your insurance will only protect you while you’re under dispatch. To have scenarios like this covered, individual coverage must be put in place.

Bobtail insurance is for you if:

  • You want to be protected from possible lawsuits
  • You want to protect yourself from high out-of-pocket costs in the case of an accident
  • You drive a truck under someone else’s trucking authority and/or without a trailer
  • You drive a truck without a trailer at times
  • Your motor carrier requires you to carry the coverage in order to drive

Bobtail insurance isn’t for you if:

  • You need coverage for driving for personal reasons or recreationally
  • You don’t drive a truck without a trailer ever

What is Commercial Trucking Insurance? – St. Clair Shores, MI

Video Transcription

“So as Amazon continues to take over the world, we get a lot of calls from clients who are breaking into the commercial trucking industry, or work for other brokers and are going out on their own and seeing an opportunity to be a business owner. So commercial trucking is a policy that we offer. And there’s some ins and outs that a lot of people don’t understand about that. So, just painting with broad strokes, commercial trucking policy is really a number of policies combined into one, you have standard coverages, like you would see on your auto insurance policy, you have your liability option for physical damage coverage, comprehensive, collision, PIP, medical coverage, under an uninsured motorist, so all the pedigree coverages are offered and available there. In addition, general liability coverage can be added in for almost all of these, especially driving for Amazon, or through the fulfillment centers–they’re required to carry a general liability policy which can be added into that or onto that. And then a third element of that is your cargo insurance so that you have insurance for the cargo that you’re delivering back and forth.”

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