It is very important that your policy is made right for you and your situation. Your coverage and cost should match your needs. Unfortunately, if your policy isn’t crafted properly, some negative things can happen.

Beware when getting quoted, especially by exclusive companies rather than a trusted broker, like Entrust Insurance. Has your policy ever gone up in price after 1-3 months? Our owner explains what can happy when an agent puts together a policy with coverage that isn’t right for you.

What Can Happen When Your Policy Isn’t Right For You? – Entrust Insurance, St. Clair Shores

Video Transcription

“So you may have purchased a policy for $150 a month. And upon month two or month three, your price goes up to three to $400. And you say, why did that happen? Well, the agent didn’t discuss the options. They didn’t even give you the ability to pick what coverage level you want nor find out if you qualified for what they were selecting. So they’re doing a great disservice, in so much that for in a lot of cases that I find people left the policy, which at the end of the day had a lower cost, bought a policy that they don’t qualify for that new cost. And now they’re actually paying more money and they find themselves in a situation where 30 to 60 days after they just shopped insurance, they’re now doing it again. Because that old policy is gone, that price does not exist anymore, and now they’re actually paying more money. So again, before you buy any insurance policy, the price is the last thing that you should look at. You should look at the coverages and ask the questions. Why is this different? What is that coverage so you can understand what you’re buying? Because the price is only as good as the coverage.”

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