There are three pillars Entrust Insurance Agency lives by. The three pillars include coverage, cost, and client experience. You deserve the best in each department, so don’t settle for less. If you are working with a company that doesn’t show care for these things, it’s time you find one that does. You matter and should work with a company that cares.

Our owner, Patrick Brennen, explains these three pillars in detail. Check it out below.

The 3 Pillars of Our Insurance Company – Entrust Insurance Agency – St Clair Shores, MI

Video Transcription

“In my eyes, the most important element that a business can offer its client is its service. It’s far reaching, it touches every element of the experience and between the client and the company insurance in particular, though, I think there’s three key or main areas where that’s applied and where the client really benefits from that. And these are three things that every agency must have and deliver for all these things to to find synergy and to come together. So it’s going to be coverage, and then it’s going to be cost. And then it’s going to be the overall client experience with the agency. First being coverage. So to make sure that the client has the best coverage, or the right coverages, the agents have to extend the service of learning and knowing the clients asking all the questions. Even if it seems as though it’s unimportant, that you need to be able to do that with every single client. That way they can understand what that client’s needs are, and build a policy based around that. If you make an assumption, or you decide that you’re not going to bring up a certain point, and something gets brushed under the rug, in my experience, it’s always the coverage that the client needs at some point in time, the one that we missed, or didn’t touch on. So consistency and making sure that we’re having a similar conversation with everybody, regardless of who they are, what you think their needs are, is extremely important. That plays into and leads into the next part, which is cost. If we understand the client really well. And an agency like ours, like Entrust insurance, we have a great number of tools, more tools than most other agencies do. So we have roughly 14 Different insurance carriers that we can quote through and shop our clients for part of our service is to do that work at every single renewal. So that way, if there’s money to be saved, we can make that offer to them. We’re not leaving money on the table. So from a service standpoint, we’ve got to do the extra work over and over and over again to make sure that the client is in the best possible situation for those coverages that we know that they need. And that those two pieces play into the overall experience with the client, if they know that they have all of the coverages that they need. We’re able to bring those things up at every single renewal and ask: did anything change? Is there anything new in your life uncovering possible needs or new needs that they may not have had before. Just having those discussions, shopping other carriers and making sure that we know that they’re in the best place for their insurance policy, nets them the best cost and the best coverage, and that in turn equates to the best experience for the client?”

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