Are you wondering what the different types of insurance agents are? Captives have their pitfall which includes not being able to shop more prices for you. Brokers are able to get you the best price and coverage possible by shopping all different insurances for you. You can ensure the best package for you within your budget.

Our owner, Patrick Brennen, explains the differences between independent/broker and captive/exclusive agents. Which one is the better option and why? Check out the video for the answers.

What Are the Different Types of Agents – Entrust Insurance St. Clair Shores

Video Transcription

“Broker and independent are one in the same. And then you have your captive or your exclusive agents. We’re seeing kind of a market shift where even some of the captives are selling more than one brand. So they’re kind of segwaying into almost a broker-type of business model. Much of that is because the bigger fish keep eating the smaller fish. So these bigger companies keep acquiring and bringing on all these smaller insurance carriers. And as a byproduct of that, some of them are able to offer more than one option. They’re still not going to offer as many options as a true independent or true broker agency. They are going to be fairly limited, so they may be able to sell two or three instead of just the traditional one carrier. But again, with interest insurance, we’re at 17 carriers and counting. And we have no initiative we have no bias to push you towards one company versus the other, which is something that we see with some of these exclusive companies that can sell more than one brand.”

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