Welcome to our upcoming video, “What Are the Benefits of Different Billing Types?” In this insightful discussion, we uncover a money-saving opportunity that often goes unnoticed: your insurance billing type. We’ll walk you through how making a simple change can lead to substantial savings.

Imagine saving an entire month’s payment or even more – that’s the potential benefit of choosing the ‘pay in full’ option for your insurance premiums. Our experts have been diligent in presenting this option to their clients, emphasizing discounts that can range from a few percentage points to as high as 15%. Join us as we shed light on this hidden gem within the insurance world and help you make the most of your hard-earned money.

Our owner and founder, Pat Brennan, explains more. Check out the video below!

What Are the Benefits of Different Billing Types? – Entrust Insurance, St. Clair Shores

Video Transcription

“It’s just extra savings. Obviously, it’s something that’s oftentimes overlooked by people too. So we’ve been very diligent especially this year when we’re doing renewal reviews or discussing options with new clients to present the paid in full. So it doesn’t matter if you’ve been paying monthly, or the other company or agency that you’re with– if you’re paying monthly. We feel it’s kind of our obligation to present the best option. And if the best option includes a discount to pay in full, why would we not present that to you, depending on the company, the discount to pay in full varies. So you could be looking at like a company like Progressive that the six month, and some 12 month. And the All State that we sell, they do only six months. So it depends on the company. But for the most part, you can either pay six months all in one shot or 12 months all in one shot. The discount ranges from a couple percent and in some cases up to like 10 or even 15%. So it puts you in a position where you could save what would essentially be one month’s payment. And if you could save an extra 15% Just by adjusting your billing type that is compounding or in addition to the other savings that we found.”

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