Should you talk to your agent more frequently? The housing market is impacting homeowners insurance policies everywhere. Unfortunately, many homeowners are undercovered on their homes right now. This could result in more out-of-pocket costs and less insurance payment coverage. Of course, that is in the case of an emergency or disaster afflicted to your home. That being said, having the right amount of coverage is more important than ever.

With home values changing and shifting, you should make sure you are properly covered. Speak to your agent about the coverage you have. You may need some adjustments. Entrust Insurance is here for you!

Talk to Your Agent About Your Homeowner’s Policy 2022 – Entrust Insurance, St. Clair Shores

Video Transcription

“If you’re buying a new home for the first time, it’s impacting you right now and you’re insuring it for what it’s worth, what market value is, and what we tell clients is, you want to insure it for the higher of two things: rebuild cost or market value. Depending on where you live, geographically, home values obviously vary. So you may find that one area, say Saint Clair Shores for example, here, you may be carrying rebuild costs because that exceeds the market value. In areas like Royal Oak, Birmingham, for example, the market value is much higher than rebuild costs. So you want to make sure you understand what both of those values are and that your policy is covering you for the correct amount.”

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