Are you calling around looking for quotes? When you are on the phone with an agent, you shouldn’t be having a short call. An agent who cares will spend a good amount of time having the right conversation with you. Our owner, Pat Brenned, explains why a longer conversation is necessary.

Your conversation can help you determine whether you are dealing with an agent who really cares. For example, it’s clear an agent is focused on profits if their conversation with you is extremely short. You want to have a thorough conversation with insurance agents. Watch the video to learn more!

How Long Should Your Conversation Be With Your Agent When Getting Quoted? – Entrust Insurance, St. Clair Shores

Video Transcription

“16, 17 minutes, something like that, you know, it should be a decent conversation or at least enough for me to understand what you need to do my job best for you. It’s not going to get done in five minutes and throughout the conversation, little things come up. Questions from the client, things that I’m picking up on, and what you’re saying to help me understand how to quote that policy better for you. So there’s a lot of information gathered, and most people probably think it’s not relevant or it’s not important, but you’d be surprised at things that people just say throughout the conversation that I can pick up on and say “I needed to know that thank you for bringing that up.” So you know, call it 17 minutes – good convo.”

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