Using an independent insurance agent can help save you money. The best part is using an agent is no extra cost to you! An Insurance broker, like us, is your one-stop-shop. For example, if you have homeowners insurance with us and later on open a business and decide you need some insurance there, we’ve got you covered. By all means necessary, an agent can do what is possible to save you the most money.

Don’t make insurance more complicated than it already is. To really be on top of your insurance policies, there are so many insurance terms, legal clauses and coverage limits you must be aware of.

Your agent will be your guide to all of your insurance needs. Also, being professionals in the field they can handle different types of situations and educate you on what’s best. For instance, there is potential for constant savings each year. At renewal, your agent will ask you about your situation and if anything has changed. You may be surprised at how much your policy could change.

How Using an Agent Can Help Save You Money – St. Clair Shores, MI

Video Transcription

“Some of the processes that we employ is that we require at least three to four contacts to the client prior to renewal. So the renewals are generally generated within about 30 days from that actual renewal day, right. So we’ve got a whole month to try and reach out to the clients, which is plenty of time to communicate and do that, so, you know, there’s a number of phone calls and emails and ways that we, you know, religiously, you know, reach out to the client and fail safes that we have put in place, automated systems, that make sure that those communication and contact points are, are being placed. And that way, we are able to address it in a timely manner. And, you know, real simply, as we just do the same work at renewal that we do, when we’re onboarding or bringing on a client, it doesn’t change just because they’re a client, we don’t do any less work for them. So we have a client, let’s say they’re with progressive, we’re going to look at the renewal, and we’re going to see did the price go up or down. Regardless, if the price goes up or down, we’re still going to shop out amongst the other carriers. Factors change all the time, what impacts your cost changes for each company, constantly. And if we just made the assumption that they were best where they’re at, we wouldn’t be doing right by the client. So by doing that work and spending that 10 or 20 minutes at renewal time to process quotes; to generate the new policy options, we can now have a landscape of what’s best? Iis the client in the best position now, or do we want to recommend moving to another company where there may be better coverage or better cost opportunities for them?”

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