So how can you really know your policy? Do you understand all of your coverages? You have the right to ask your agent for your detailed policy. Ask any questions you may have to gain a full understanding of your policy. It’s good practice to go over your policy like this at least once a year.

Our owner, Pat Brennen, explains further on this. Give us a call if you are a client of Entrust Insurance and we will go over your policy with you. See more in the video below.

How Can I Really Know My Insurance Policy? – Entrust Insurance, St. Clair Shores

Video Transcription

“I think it’s important to contact your agent, if it’s not us, or if it’s us, call us and pull up your policy. Anything you don’t know, ask the question, what is this? What else might I need? What is not included? And have them explain that to you. If you just take your policy for face value and you’re not an insurance agent, it’s likely impossible that you would be able to know what you should or shouldn’t have. So I think just reaching out speaking to the person, that you’re trusting to write this and protect you, it’s part of their job and their role and responsibility to educate you on that. That way, you know, am I missing something? Do I have too much of something? Should this be added included, whatever it is, and every year it’s a good practice to bring that up to date.”

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