Today, we’ll be discussing how insurance agents are competing for your business. As a consumer, you have many options when it comes to purchasing insurance. With so many companies and policies available it can be overwhelming to make a decision.

This is where insurance agents come in. An insurance agent is a licensed professional who can help you find the right insurance policy to fit your needs. They work on behalf of insurance companies to sell policies and offer guidance on coverage options.

Agents who are profit-focused will compete for your business in one way. Our owner, Pat Brennen, shares that in this video. At Entrust, we are focused on what’s really best for you and your family. See more in the video below.

How Are Insurance Agents Competing for Your Business – Entrust Insurance, St. Clair Shores

Video Transcription

“They’re (agents) just pushing price only. So this plays into what I’ve mentioned, where people not understanding what they’re buying. More solely focused just on the price of the policy, but not understanding what that price represents. And so there’s little conversation. Details are overlooked or not brought up lots of assumptions and just emailing out a price basically. And then the client, most people are just kind of trained to look at that and not understand because I think there is a certain level of unearned trust given, say “you’re an insurance agent, you should know what you’re doing. And you should have written the policy correctly,” well that’s not the case. If I just made assumptions in every client that I wrote a policy for, we’d have a lot of angry clients, a lot of people that didn’t have something that they inevitably ended up needing.”

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