Welcome to our video titled “Do Points Affect My Car Insurance?” In this insightful discussion, we delve into the relationship between traffic violation points and your auto insurance premiums. The speaker recounts a personal experience of going to court for a traffic ticket and successfully having the points associated with the offense waived by the judge. The key takeaway here is that points are not directly tied to your insurance but are instead designated through the Secretary of State. The video sheds light on the importance of minimizing violations and negotiating favorable outcomes in court, as more serious infractions can significantly impact insurance costs. Whether it’s navigating the new laws around texting and driving or addressing other traffic violations, understanding the dynamics between points, court outcomes, and insurance premiums is crucial for every driver.

In the detailed transcription, the speaker advises viewers to request being put under advisement or minimizing penalties during court proceedings. They emphasize that more severe violations have a greater potential to increase insurance costs, but even minor infractions can have a negative impact. The speaker encourages viewers to be proactive in reducing the violation’s reporting on their motor vehicle record. By taking steps such as having the violation put under advisement or going through a probationary period, individuals may prevent the offense from showing up on their record and, consequently, affecting their insurance policy. The video serves as a valuable guide for drivers seeking to navigate the complex relationship between points, legal outcomes, and their car insurance rates.

Our owner and founder, Pat Brennan, explains more. Check out the video below!

Do Points Affect My Car Insurance? – Entrust Insurance, St. Clair Shores

Video Transcription

“I go to court for the ticket and the judge waived the points. The points have nothing to do with your insurance. Points are designated through Secretary of State because if you accrue too many points, they then suspend your license for a period of time. So if you go to court, what you really want to do for the new law with texting and driving or anything else, is to try to ask for to be put under advisement, or to minimize it as much as possible, more serious violations are going to increase the cost of your insurance more than more minor ones. But regardless, they’re going to have some negative impact on that. So if you can minimize the violation or asked to have it put under advisement, it may not report right. If you go through that kind of that probationary period, and then they remove it no harm, no foul, that doesn’t show up. But if it is something that reports through Secretary of State, as soon as your renewal comes out, that insurance company is going to rerun that report via Secretary of State and anything that populates on your motor vehicle report is going to translate over to your insurance policy.”

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