One question that often arises is whether you still need Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage if you have Medicaid in Michigan. When it comes to car insurance, understanding the nuances of coverage options can be challenging, especially if you are already covered by Medicaid. PIP is a type of car insurance that covers medical expenses and, in some cases, lost wages and other damages. This introduction aims to shed light on why having Medicaid does not exempt you from needing PIP coverage and how the available options can be tailored to your specific situation.

In Michigan, Medicaid recipients have several choices regarding PIP coverage levels. Generally, there are four main options available to all drivers, regardless of their health insurance status or age. These options provide varying levels of coverage to suit different needs and budgets. However, if you are a Medicaid recipient, you have access to a unique fifth option specifically designed for those with Medicaid. This fifth option offers a lower level of coverage at a reduced cost, providing $50,000 in PIP coverage.

Opting for this $50,000 PIP coverage means that in the event of an auto accident, your auto insurance will cover up to $50,000 of your medical expenses. Any costs that exceed this amount will then be covered by your Medicaid health insurance. This setup allows Medicaid recipients to maintain necessary protection on the road while managing insurance costs effectively. Understanding these options and making an informed choice is crucial to ensuring you have adequate coverage in the event of an accident.

Our owner and founder, Pat Brennan, explains more. Check out the video below!

Do I Need PIP Coverage If I Have Medicaid? – Entrust Insurance, St. Clair Shores

Video Transcription

“You Do. Yes. Medicaid is gonna allow you to select four different options for, for the levels of PIP coverage there. So there’s top three options, option one, option two, option three. Anybody can select those. It doesn’t matter your health insurance situation or your age. If you have Medicaid, there is. There is an option number 5 that you can select, which is a lower level of coverage, which is $50,000 in coverage. So that means you can buy $50,000 in coverage on your PIP policy, and if you get injured, your auto insurance will pay up to $50,000 max. And then all other costs associated with the injury would be paid through your health insurance.”

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