As a motorcycle rider, it is hard to see the temperatures drop and the snow start to hit the streets of Michigan. However, an even harder question for some: should I keep my motorcycle insurance during the winter if I am not riding?

While you may think you are saving money during those cold snowy Michigan days, it could hurt you in the long run.

 Here are some tips on why you should keep your insurance.

  •  Are you sure your bike is going to be in storage for the entire season? Even Michigan gives us some nice days during winter that may tempt you to bring the old bike out for a spin. If you cancel your insurance, you would not be able to ride your bike and it may not be worth it to call your agent to get the policy back in place for the day.


  • You also need to remember that your bike still faces risks when it’s in storage. Theft, fire, vandalism and storm damage are all possibilities. If you were to cancel your insurance, and something were to happen to your bike, most likely you would have to pay the damages or the repair costs out of pocket.


  • Although you may think you are saving money, it turns out you may not save anything at all by canceling over the winter months. Insurance companies vary, but some may take into account the typical riding season in your state when they price a policy (even if it’s spread over a 12-month period). That means you may not actually receive a refund for canceling your winter coverage. Check with your insurance agent to determine if seasonal coverage options are available.

Before canceling your motorcycle policy for those Michigan winter months, give Entrust Insurance a call to discuss what motorcycle insurance discounts you may be eligible for over the winter months and possibly all year round!



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