Auto, Home & Insurance FAQs

We get a lot of common questions when it comes to insurance. This is where you can get answers to your insurance questions.

What’s the difference between cost and coverage?

When shopping around for insurance, it's important to compare cost and coverage. They are not the same thing. You'll want to choose the best balance between the two that are right for you. When you are in the process of receiving quotes, take a look at different types...

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How do I choose between multiple insurance quotes?

As you're out shopping for insurance, you are likely getting quotes from multiple insurance agents. The best way to choose between multiple insurance quotes is to look beyond just the policy amount. Yes, the price matters and you should consider it especially if some...

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What factors impact my insurance rate?

Between auto insurance and homeowners insurance there are roughly 70-100 factors that impact your policy rate. Some factors have more of an impact than others, but the reality is that each insurance company takes a slightly different approach to these policies and...

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I just got married, what should I do about my insurance?

First of all, congratulations! It's smart to be asking yourself this question about your insurance now that you're married. You should certainly speak to a insurance agent about this major milestone as you may be eligible for saving on your insurance policy by...

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What is an insurance deductible and why does it matter?

Your insurance policy deductible is simply the amount you are responsible to pay in an incident that is covered by your insurance. In most situations that are covered by your insurance provider, you will need to pay the amount of your deductible before your insurance...

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How do I shop for auto insurance?

Shopping for auto insurance can be a challenge, especially if you’re not really sure what each quote is based on. One study shows that 28% of drivers think they are paying too much for car insurance. Luckily, there are ways you can find out if that is the case. It...

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