Have you been shopping for insurance lately? Are you noticing all of your quotes are completely different? It’s important that you are quoted with all of the different coverages for your needs. If you are quoted on all of the same coverages from each company then you can better compare the quotes.

Our owner, Pat Brennen, provides a detailed explanation of why these inconsistencies exist. At Entrust Insurance, we strive to ask you all of the necessary questions to get you a proper quote for your policy.

How Do I Approach Inconsistent Quotes When Shopping Insurance? – Entrust Insurance, St. Clair Shores

Video Transcription

“Imagine if you’re looking to buy a new TV. And you go to ABC Warehouse, Best Buy, and Costco. And at every store, you looked at the price of a different size TV, a 30 inch here, a 50 inch there and a 65 inch there, where they’re gonna have varying prices. But that’s how you’re basing your decision on what you’re buying. It’s inconsistent based on the make model size. And so the price is going to vary. So how are you comparing what’s the best option when these things are all completely different and your insurance is no different from that as well, too. So if you have a set number of coverages on your current policy, and you call “X” number of agents, and all of the coverages that they’re offering are inconsistent to what you have. How is it you can compare that what they offer is better or worse than what you have? So, unfortunately, so many people we talk to have absolutely no idea, especially with homeowners what their policy entails. And if you don’t know what you’re buying, all you’re focused on is the price.”

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